End The Sexual Exploitation Of Children!

Please help us change the lives of children in Sri Lanka.

Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (OCSEA)

The growth of ICT has led to criminals becoming able to sexually exploit and abuse vulnerable children in the cyberspace and escape detection. A single innocent slipup from a child can lead to them repeatedly falling prey to such crimes.

Forced/Child Marriage

Child marriage is the formal/informal marriage where at least one of marrying couple is underage (below 18). It is against both International and Sri Lankan laws, and violates the most basic rights of the child.

Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism (SECTT)

As the world becomes smaller with faster modes of travel, it becomes a vaster playground for ‘child sex tourists’; both foreign and local child abusers who pose as tourists and travel specially to abuse children in vulnerable regions.

Trafficking of Children

Children are taken away from their safe spaces; transferred, recruited, or transported across city/state or country borders, then harbored or received. They undergo various forms of exploitation and abuse, including sexual exploitation and abuse.

Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Material (CSAM)

Children all over the world continue to become victims of exploitation, which is then used to produce child sexual abuse material (CSAM) which may include both online and offline photos, videos, live streams and more.

Children in Prostitution

Children are sold for sexual exploitation to perpetrators who may or may not be aware of their underage status. They use materialistic and unmaterialistic exchanges, which may be with the child, a guardian or parent or a third party.

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Spread the Word
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Report to Us
Reporting sexual exploitation of children is an "Internet Good Practice"
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