Communication Officer

Sara has been engaged in the media sector for eleven years and counting. She first stepped foot into the field of journalism, beginning with the Business Desk of the Ceylon Daily News, Lake House in late 2012. After working there for two and a half years, she continued to work as a freelance writer and has provided content for various news websites and magazines, both locally and globally.

She is also a trained mobile journalist and has experience in content writing, translation work, public relations etc. Sara joined the Centre for Media and Information Literacy (CMIL) in 2020 as a Program Officer, where she worked closely with youth and citizens in coordinating CMIL’s media and information literacy-related programs. She also provides voluntary support as a Consultant for Arrow Aid, a non-profit organisation that focuses on uplifting people from marginalised.

Sara is also a trainer in Digital Security with a special emphasis on educating young girls and women on how to stay safe online – part of the Internews Safe Sisters Initiative. She also guest lectures on the topic of podcasting at APIDM and manages and hosts her own podcast called The Manifest. Sara holds an Executive Master’s in Mass Communication from CICRA Campus, in affiliation with the Asia e University, Malaysia.

In her past time, Sara enjoys reading, watching films and documentaries on topic such as crime, history etc., travelling, socialising, listening to music etc.

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