Monthly Highlights: June 2023

Monthly Highlights: June 2023
2023 Jun
Protect Children in the Digital World.

Objective: Raise children’s awareness of online safety precautions and potential risks associated with using the internet

Sessions Conducted

Matara Ginnaliya Maha Vidyalaya

06/26/2023 93 Students Ginnaliya

The students lacked awareness about the causes and consequences of child abuse, including the alarming prevalence of online child sexual abuse and exploitation. Through discussions with teachers and principals, we uncovered the urgent need for education on this social issue.

Urubokka National School

06/26/2023 220 Students Urubokka

Kotapola Divisional Secretariat

06/26/2023 45 Government Officials Kotapola

Government officials emphasized the increasing occurrence of child abuse, particularly in the context of advancing online technologies. They expressed gratitude for the program and showed interest in sharing the acquired knowledge within their communities.

Kotapola Divisional Council

06/26/2023 37 Government Officials Kotapola

Beralapanathara National School

06/27/2023 363 Students Beralapanathara

The students’ limited understanding of child abuse and its ramifications became evident during our conversations with teachers and principals. It became clear that online child sexual abuse and exploitation were also prevalent, underscoring the urgency for awareness and preventive measures.

Katuwana Divisional Council

06/27/2023 33 Government officials Katuwana

Government officials acknowledged the occurrence of child abuse, particularly in relation to the rise of online technologies. They expressed appreciation for the program and expressed a desire to disseminate the information within their respective communities.

Pasgoda Tea Estate

06/28/2023 26 Employees Pasgoda

A significant number of individuals exhibited a lack of awareness regarding the various forms of abuse, particularly sexual abuse, until we shed light on its severity. We also discussed the prevalence of online child sexual abuse and exploitation, along with preventive measures, leading to a greater understanding of the issue.

Bengamuwa Maha Vidyalaya

06/28/2023 156 students, teachers, and principals Bengamuwa

Our interactions with students, teachers, and principals highlighted a prevailing lack of awareness regarding child abuse and its implications. It became evident that online child sexual abuse and exploitation were significant concerns in their communities.

Pasgoda Divisional Secretariat

06/28/2023 30 Government officials Pasgoda

Government officials stressed the alarming rate of child abuse incidents, particularly in light of the proliferation of online technologies. They expressed their appreciation for the program and their intention to disseminate the information in their communities

Samukirana Coop Society

06/29/2023 90 Coop society staff Beralapanathara

We organized a program for the Samukirana coop society staff, who comprised of parents in the village. Many participants admitted to a lack of knowledge regarding the different forms of abuse and exploitation. The seriousness of sexual abuse, concerning their own children, resonated with them. One officer shared examples of child abuse in the area, underscoring its prevalence.

Ginnaliya Tea Factory

06/29/2023 29 Employees Ginnaliya

We noticed a lack of awareness among many individuals regarding the methods of abuse, specifically focusing on sexual abuse. As we discussed the gravity of the issue, including online child sexual abuse and exploitation, participants began to grasp the importance of preventive measures. Unfortunately, one former factory worker shared incidents of sexually abusing his own 8-year-old child, which were brought to our attention by the factory management.

New Excellent Institute

06/30/2023 40 Government officials Urubokka

While a general understanding of child abuse existed, there was a clear need for further knowledge on online abuse and safety measures to protect oneself and others.

Matara Municipal Council

06/30/2023 23 Government officials Matara

Government officials emphasized the concerning frequency of child abuse incidents, particularly in the context of the growing influence of online technologies. Their appreciation for the program was accompanied by their intention to disseminate this vital information within their communities.

Social Media Engagement

On June of 2023, we launched a special campaign aimed at increasing awareness on the violence against children. PEaCE combined two aspects of social media engagement. 1) Delivery of tri-language high-quality social media posts and 2) collaboration with various duty bearers on an IG live series to increase awareness.

Social Media Posts Campaign

On 13th of June PEaCE/ECPAT Sri Lanka launched a social media posts campaign to raise awareness on Violence Against Children.

The posts were made in the form of carousels in all three languages, including comprehensive information on each respective topic.

Social Media IG Live series

As part of the social media campaign on Violence Against Children. We launched a series of IG lives with various stakeholders. These lives helped the audience better understand the topics related to Violence Against Children, especially in the Online context.

On the 24th of June PEaCE/ECPAT Sri Lanka in collaboration with CfPS Law School.


We collaborated on an IG Live session with the CfPS Law School to discuss on the topic of Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Sri lanka: A Legal Perspective. The discussion covered the broad scope of our activities in protection of Child Rights and also some of the gaps and loopholes that exists within the Sri Lankan Penal code.

The full live can be viewed here.



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