Monthly Highlights: July 2023

Monthly Highlights: July 2023
2023 Jul
Protect Children in the Digital World.

Objective: Raise children’s awareness of online safety precautions and potential risks associated with using the internet

Sessions Conducted

St. Joseph’s College

07/18/2023 97 Students Kolonnawa

The students lacked awareness about the causes and consequences of child abuse, including the alarming prevalence of online child sexual abuse and exploitation. Through discussions with teachers and principals, we uncovered the urgent need for education on this social issue.

Tangalle Municipal Counci

07/24/2023 31 Govt. officials Tangalle

The team has observed during the past months that in the district of Hambantota, though there were child abuse incidents occurring, there was a lack of awareness on how to respond and report Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation incidents.

Panjasheela Maha Vidyalaya

07/25/2023 189 Students Beliatte

This programme helped the children gain knowledge and techniques to protect themselves from all forms of online exploitation and abuse. These children, like others, do not have much knowledge about the risks that they face when engaging online. Now that they are aware, they are able to respond and report incidents of cyber violence. The school management appreciated the team’s work on the programme.

Beliatte Divisional Council

07/25/2023 31 Govt. officials Beliatte

The government officials were informed in detail about Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (OCSEA) and how to identify and address cases in a sensitive and understanding manner. The participants’ responses encouraged PEaCE’s future work. We appreciate the DS for allowing us to have the programme for his staff and giving us the venue.

Middeniya National School

07/26/2023 209 Students Middeniya

The Middeniya community faced several challenges, with children often left alone due to busy parents, leading to issues like male students addicted to cigarettes, child pregnancies, and reported abuse cases. Moreover, students’ phone addiction is prevalent.

Vidyaloka Vidyalaya

07/26/2023 89 Students Middeniya

Katuwana National School

07/27/2023 327 Students Katuwana

It was reported by participants in attendance that the students from Katuwana area, had been facing issues coming from low-income families, some of the fathers have shown a tendency to abuse alcohol and commit physical abuse against the family members. There were reported cases of child sexual abuse and early marriage in this area.

Katuwana National School

07/27/2023 146 Parents Katuwana

Binkama Maha Vidyalaya

07/28/2023 112 Students Sooriyaweva

The area presented challenges with a considerable number of men migrating to South Korea for work, female children aged 14 and 16 living with men to settle. Domestic violence and alcohol abuse were prevalent, influenced by moonshine consumption by the fathers.

Weerasinghe Vidyalaya

07/18/2023 83 Students Sooriyaweva

As a society, we are increasingly aware of the dangers children face, emphasizing the need to educate ourselves on safeguarding methods to protect them.” The teachers at Weerasinghe Vidyalaya expressed gratitude for the crucial information brought to their attention, recognizing the challenges in obtaining such data.

Walasmulla Community Hall

07/29/2023 42 Govt. officials Walasmulla

Sri Siddhartha Sunday School

07/30/2023 102 Students Hambantota

Hellala Wanarathana Sunday School

07/30/2023 87 Students Hambantota

Anapallama Kanishta Vidyalaya

07/31/2023 101 Students Monaragala

The community faced issues due to the influx of mobile technology during COVID-19, leaving students unaware of the risks of digital usage. This exposed them to both positive and negative aspects of the internet without precautions or training, amplifying the problems of OCSEA in the area. Government officials and teachers shared such concerns with our team.

Wellawaye Divisional Council

07/31/2023 20 Govt. officials Wellawaye

Social Media Engagement

On July of 2023, we continued our special campaign aimed at raising awareness on the violence against children in the digital landscape. We conducted an increased number of IG live sessions reaching out to targeted youth audiences to build knowledge on the dangers of online child sexual exploitation and abuse.

Social Media IG Live series

Interview with ECPAT Sri Lanka about the rising epidemic of Child Exploitation and how we can help fight against it.

Click here to watch the full video.

HYPE Sri Lanka: System Breakdown – Improving the Legal and Policy Frameworks for Preventing Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Sri Lanka.

A strong legal and policy framework that protects victims, and promotes a safe online environment for every child, is in urgent need in a world of increasing virtual realities. Join our conversation revolving around this matter, with guest speaker, Mr. Sahan Wiratunga, organized in partnership with PEaCE/ECPAT Sri Lanka.

Click here to watch the full video.

Talk about Taboos: Protect Our Children – Understanding Child Sexual Exploitation

Discuss an issue that’s on an alarming rise in Sri Lanka. A vital, no-holds barred hour of information especially for parents and guardians.

Click here to watch the full video.

Justice Behind Closed Doors: Challenges in Prosecuting Child Sexual Exploitation Cases in Sri Lanka

An eye-opening discussion on “Justice Behind Closed Doors: Challenges in Prosecuting Child Sexual Exploitation Cases in Sri Lanka” with Amali Ranasinghe, Attorney-at-Law and Project Officer at PEaCe/ECPAT Sri Lanka.

Don’t miss this important IG Live session brought to you by LSASL, PEaCe, and ECPAT Sri Lanka.

Click here to watch the full video.


Prevention of Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Sri Lanka. Join us on Saturday the 15th of July at 06:30 PM to discuss the ways in which Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (O.C.S.E.A.) can be prevented in Sri lanka. We will take a closer look at what are the problems happening at ground level. What are the signs that we need to be aware of. What are the steps that should be taken, if this were to happen to your or Child? PEaCE/ECPAT Sri lanka would like to welcome our guest @aritha.w Equality director at iProbono.

Click here to watch the full video.



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