Monthly Highlights: February 2024

Monthly Highlights: February 2024
2024 Feb

Programmes Conducted

Sessions Conducted

DS office

03/02/2024 Members of divisional children's council Colombo

T.B Jayah Zahira Vidyalaya

07/02/2024 Students Colombo


08/02/2024 Surakshitha foundation members Colombo

Panadura Agamathi Balika Vidyalaya

13/02/2024 Students Kalutara

Kirindiwela DS office

16/02/2024 Development Officers Gampaha

Palindanuwara DS office

08/01/2024 Govt. officials Kalutara

Kumara Udayam Tamil Vidyalaya

20/02/2024 Students Colombo

Deniyaya Madya Vidyalaya

20/02/2024 Students Matara

Deniyaya Madya Vidyalaya

20/02/2024 Parents Matara

Deniyaya Rajapaksha Vidyalaya

21/02/2024 Students Matara

Deniyaya Pallegama Secondary School

22/02/2024 Students Matara

Deniyaya Pallegama Secondary School

22/02/2024 Parents Matara

Bandaragama Divisional Secretariat office

26/02/2024 Govt. officials Kalutara

Matugama DS office

27/02/2024 Govt. officials Kalutara

Published Materials


Sex Education and Stronger Justice System Can Prevent Child Rape

Social Media Posts

History in motion: As of January 1, 2024, the Children and Young Persons (Amendment) Act, No. 39 of 2022, has widened the protective scope of Sri Lanka's CYPO. Originating in 1939 with a focus on under-16s, this update extends its sheltering arm to all children under 18, recognizing and safeguarding the vulnerabilities of adolescents within our justice system. #CYPO #ChildProtection #SriLanka #EndViolence #CYPO #ChildProtection #Srilanka. #ENDViolence


584 Cases of Grave Sexual Abuse of Boys under the age of 18 was reported to the Sri Lanka Police during 2023 said DIG Renuka of the Children Women Bureau in a recent press conference.

In Sri Lanka, a culture of shame and stigma towards survivors of sexual exploitation of boys is a factor. In schools, families of boys who have been victims of sexual exploitation and abuse are advised not to report to authorities due to the ostracization that boys will then face.

It's okay to ask for support and that it's a sign of strength to seek help when needed. Boys need to understand that they are not to be blamed for what happened and that there are resources available to help them. #BreakTheSilenceBreakTheSilence #GBS #BoysAwareness #Srilanka. #ECPAT.


The Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka plans to launch new educational publications on March 7, 2024, aimed at providing comprehensive sexuality education from early childhood development to adulthood.

The Parliamentary Caucus for Children unveiled program specifics during its meeting on February 20, 2024. #ECPAT #ProtectChildren #EndSexualViolence #ChildSexualExploitation #EndChildAbuse #ECPAT. #ProtectChildren. #EndSexualViolence. #ChildSexualExploitation. #EndChildAbuse.


Empower, Educate, and Enjoy the Internet Safely! Today, on Safer Internet Day, let's unite to advocate for a secure online space, especially for our children. Stay tuned for upcoming discussions where we'll explore the various ways OCSEA occurs. Together, we can create a digital world that's safe and positive. #SaferInternetDay #OnlineSafety #ChildProtection #SriLanka. #Awareness. #EndOCSEA. #ECPAT.


Cyberbullying is a serious issue that can affect anyone online. It involves using digital platforms to intimidate, harass, or harm others. Stay safe against cyberbullying by being mindful of what you share online, keeping personal information private, and blocking or reporting anyone who harasses you. Remember to treat others with kindness and respect online, and always think before you post. Together, we can create a safer and more positive online environment for everyone! #SafeWebDay #CyberbullyingAwareness #OnlineSafety #SafeWebDay #CyberbullyingAwareness #OnlineSafety.


Defend Against Online Grooming! Caution with personal details like full name, address, and phone number is vital to prevent exploitation. Trusting your instincts is key; if something feels off online, consider ending the interaction or seeking help. Maintaining open communication with trusted adults fosters a supportive environment for addressing concerns. Embracing safe online practices, such as refraining from meeting strangers in person and exercising caution in online interactions, enhances overall safety. Together, let's remain vigilant and committed to creating a secure digital space for all. #SafeWebDay #OnlineGrooming #OnlineSafety.


Join the fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)! It's crucial to stay informed and vigilant. Here are some tips to prevent and stay safe:
Monitor online activity regularly.
Educate yourself and your loved ones about online safety.
Use parental controls and privacy settings.
Report any suspicious activity or content.
Communicate openly with children about online dangers.
Let's protect our children and create a safer digital world together! #EndCSAM #OnlineSafety #ChildProtection.


Stay vigilant against sexting risks! Sending explicit messages or images can lead to loss of privacy, legal troubles, emotional distress, cyberbullying, and more. Protect yourself and your loved ones by staying informed and setting boundaries. #SextingAwareness #SaferInternetDay #ECPAT.


Don't Let Sextortion Silence You! In honour of Safer Internet Day, here are 5 crucial tips to stay safe online and prevent sextortion:

1. Be Cautious Online: Exercise caution when sharing personal information and interacting with others online, especially strangers. Avoid sharing sexually explicit content, even with trusted individuals. 2. Use Privacy Settings: Regularly review and adjust privacy settings on social media and other online platforms to control who can view your content and contact you. Limiting access to personal information reduces the risk of being targeted.

3. Recognize Red Flags: Be aware of common tactics used by perpetrators, such as flattery, promises, threats, or blackmail. Trust your instincts and take any discomfort or pressure seriously.

4. Establish Boundaries: Set clear boundaries for online interactions and communicate them openly with others. Make it known what you're comfortable with and what you're not willing to share or do online.

5. Seek Help and Report: If targeted or threatened with sextortion, seek help from a trusted adult, law enforcement, or a specialized support organization. Refrain from responding to demands and report any suspicious or harassing behaviour to the platform or website where it occurred. #CyberSecurity #SaferInternetDay #OCSEA. #AwarenessRaising.


Don't Let Revenge Porn Impact You!

In honor of Safer Internet Day, here are 5 essential tips to safeguard yourself online and prevent revenge porn:

1. Think Before Sharing: Be cautious about sharing intimate images or videos, even with trusted partners. Once shared, you lose control over them.

2. Privacy Settings and Security: Use privacy settings on social media platforms and ensure strong passwords to protect your personal accounts and devices.

3. Delete Intimate Content: Regularly review and delete intimate content from devices and online accounts to minimize the risk of unauthorized sharing.

4. Report Unauthorized Sharing: If you become aware of your intimate content being shared without consent, report it to the relevant platform or authorities for removal and potential legal action.

5.Legal Protections: Familiarize yourself with laws and legal protections against revenge porn in your jurisdiction and seek legal assistance if you are a victim. #CyberSecurity #SaferInternetDay #OCSEA. #AwarenessRaising.


In honour of Safer Internet Day, here are 5 dangers of child abuse live-streaming:

*If you are aware of any form of child abuse. Please notify the relevant authorities.*

1) Trauma to Victims: Children subjected to live streaming of abuse endure significant psychological and emotional trauma, with lasting effects on their mental health and well-being.

2) Perpetuation of Abuse: Live streaming perpetuates the abuse by allowing it to be viewed and shared in real-time, further victimizing the child and prolonging their suffering.

3) Revictimization: Victims of child abuse live streaming may experience revictimization as their abuse is repeatedly viewed, shared, and distributed online, leading to ongoing trauma and distress.

4) Exploitation by Offenders: Offenders exploit vulnerable children for financial gain, using live-streaming platforms to profit from the sale of abusive content or to attract viewers for illicit purposes.

5) Normalization of Abuse: Exposure to child abuse live streaming can desensitize viewers and normalize abusive behaviour, potentially leading to increased tolerance of violence against children and contributing to a culture of exploitation. #CyberSecurity #SaferInternetDay #OCSEA. #AwarenessRaising.

Social Justice Day

Today, we launch our 7-day campaign in honour of World Social Justice Day, focusing on ending child sexual exploitation. Join us as we explore how social justice is a cornerstone in protecting our children. #JusticeForEveryChild #EndChildExploitation #SocialJusticeDay. #ECPAT. #Srilanka.


Amidst economic hardships, many children are deprived of education due to soaring school costs and the closure of rural schools. While government initiatives like scholarships offer hope, questions arise about priorities amidst widespread economic turmoil fueled by corruption and mismanagement. This underscores the critical link between access to education and social justice. It's a call for collective introspection and action, urging us to invest in better education for our children as a pathway to resilience and unity in the face of systemic challenges. #JusticeForEveryChild #EndChildExploitation #SocialJusticeDay. #ECPAT. #Srilanka.

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