Monthly Highlights: December 2023

Monthly Highlights: December 2023
2023 Dec

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Prince College

06/12/2023 School Students Ratnapura

Ferguson High School

07/12/2023 School Students Ratnapura

St.Aloysius' College

08/12/2023 School Students Ratnapura

Henry Olcott MahaVidyalaya

13/13/2023 School Students Colombo

Muslim Central College

15/12/2023 School Students Colombo

Rajaguru Sri Subhathi Maha Vidyalaya

15/12/2023 School Students Kalutara

Divisional Children Club

27/12/2023 Members of divisional children's council Colombo

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December 2023 Newsletter

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Empowering Hearts and Minds

Empowering Hearts and Minds: Safeguarding Our Children 💙 | In the past two months, 299 girls endured unimaginable pain, with 36 facing the added burden of pregnancy. As parents, friends, teachers, and caregivers, our duty is crystal clear – to protect the vulnerable.

Should you witness or suspect a child facing the horrors of sexual abuse, swift action is essential. Reach out to the National Child Protection Authority at 1929, The Bureau for the Prevention of Abuse of Children and Women at 011 2 444 444, or Protecting Environment and Children Everywhere at 011 - 281 9397.

Together, let's weave a tapestry of safety and love for our children. Your vigilance can transform their world. #ChildProtection #SafeSpaces #endviolence


In a press conference held by the Department of Government Information on November 10, 2023, DIG Renuka Jayasundara of the Bureau for the Prevention of Abuse of Children and Women disclosed that there were 48 children who were gravely sexually abused in the month of October 2023, of whom 16 were boys.

How many more go unreported due the social stigma that boys cannot be sexually abused?

Our culture places significant importance on a girl's marital status, focusing the entire society on preserving her "purity." Meanwhile, many boys are often left to their own devices. In most cases, these boys lack physical, mental, or emotional care. Growing up in high-risk areas without proper support, they become one of the most vulnerable groups prone to child sexual exploitation and abuse. If you observe any unusual behaviour from a boy you know or hear about, become an advocate for their rights and protection. Stand with them, bring them to the law, and help facilitate the justice and support they deserve. #ProtectBoys #BoySurvivors #AccessToJustice. #EndSexualViolence. #ECPAT.


"The true character of a society is revealed in how it treats its children. Upholding their rights ensures that the seeds of freedom, equality, and justice are sown in the fertile ground of their innocence." - Kailash Satyarthi

On this Human Rights Day, let's heed the wisdom of Kailash Satyarthi and reflect on the rights of children, a vulnerable and precious group in society. Every child deserves to grow up in an environment that nurtures their well-being, protects their rights, and provides them with opportunities to reach their full potential. Together, let us stand as guardians of their innocence and advocates for their rights, working towards building a society that truly values and protects their inherent worth and dignity. #HumanRightsDay #ChildrensRights


DIG Renuka has disclosed 98,000 Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) has been uploaded by Sri Lanka in a press briefing held on the 19th of December 2023.

Urge internet service providers to enhance measures for a safer online environment for our children. #OnlineSafety #EndChildSexualAbuse #AdvocateForChange. #ECPAT.

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