Monthly Highlights: August 2023

Monthly Highlights: August 2023
2023 Aug
Protect Children in the Digital World.

Objective: Raise children’s awareness of online safety precautions and potential risks associated with using the internet.

Sessions Conducted

Yudaganawa Vidyalaya

08/01/2023 123 Students Yudaganawa

During conversations with local duty bearers, we discovered that some children are part of single-parent families. There was a severe rate of cannabis consumption and substance addiction among fathers, along with higher rates of domestic violence. Incidents were reported where some children have been caught trying to distribute cannabis among students, and unfortunately, there were cases of students being sexually abused.

Ranjan Wijerathne Vidyalaya

08/02/2023 214 Students Pelwatte

Ranjan Wijerathane Vidyalaya accommodates around 800 students, catering to a diverse community. In this area, the prevailing concern of low-income families struggling with malnutrition affects both parents and children. To support their children’s education, many parents have taken out loans to purchase mobile phones. With parents often working until around 5 o’clock, children are left with limited protection, increasing their vulnerability to potential child abuse.

Coop Society Monaragala

08/02/2023 34 Govt. Officials Monaragala

Pelwatte National School

08/03/2023 286 Students Pelwatte

The school counselor shared concerning observations with our project team. Male parents reported higher substance abuse, while some children use harmful tobacco-lime mixtures. Children exhibit extensive mobile usage. Instances of children sharing explicit photos and videos amongst themselves have been reported. Cases involve children committing to early marriages post O/L. There is a high incidence of violence among school children.

Wellawaye Gampaha Vidyalaya

08/03/2023 54 Students Wellawaye

Children attending this school hail from rural and plantation backgrounds, forming a diverse mix of Tamil and Sinhala students. The school reportedly faces challenges such as inadequate facilities and limited health access. There have been reports of substance abuse among older students. It’s evident that knowledge about sexual abuse and education needs improvement. There is a notably high alcohol consumption rate among fathers, particularly those employed in the plantation sector.

Habaraluweva Maha Vidyalaya

08/04/2023 135 Students Monaragala

In recent months, concerning child abuse cases have emerged in this area. About 200 families are identified as residing in high-risk environments for child safety. Furthermore, reports highlight an escalation in substance abuse among both parents and children. The majority of parents are engaged in daily labor work. The pandemic has led to a surge in early child marriages.

Sewanagala Sugar Factory

08/04/2023 97 Parents Sewanagala

Viharamahadevi Vidyalaya

08/11/2023 57 Parents/Students Imbulgoda

In this community, families often face financial hardships, which can contribute to challenges in education. School dropout rates tend to be higher. The prevalence of drug use is relatively low in this area. However, the early discontinuation of education has sometimes led to early marriages..

Rajasinghe Vidyalaya

08/16/2023 188 Students Kotikawatte

In this area, many parents work as day laborers. Some children come from broken families. There are also couples who marry early, have a few children, and then separate, leaving the grandparents to care for the children. Unfortunately, substance abuse and trafficking are prevalent issues here. Additionally, some male students have been involved in physical altercations due to conflicts over love.

Divulapitiya DS Office

08/28/2023 138 Govt. officials Divulapitiya

In this region, many parents work as migrant labourers, leaving their children to navigate life’s challenges independently. Sadly, this has resulted in an uptick in child sexual abuse cases. Additionally, some parents struggle with illicit substance addiction, leaving grandparents to care for their precious grandchildren.


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