ECPAT Sri Lanka Staff Deliver Relief to Communities in Need

Start time 2020-06-03 09:00
Finished Time 2020-06-03 15:00
Address Angulana
Event Details

The Covid-19 virus has had far reaching impacts on communities around the world. Some groups of society have felt the effects deeper than others with the vibrations of impact running to the very core of their existence.

ECPAT Sri Lanka-PEaCE reached out last week to alleviate the burdens of such vulnerable communities through the distribution of essential dry rations. In Sri Lanka, those most affected by the sudden changes in the economic and social order of the country have been daily-wage earners. The spread of the virus and the simultaneous imposition of continuous curfew to curtail and control its spread have further intensified the instability and vulnerability of such groups.

“Thank you so much PEaCE, this is a blessing in this time of need. We have been facing many difficulties without food supplies” – A relief recipient

Those that ECPAT Sri Lanka-PEaCE reached out to with relief packs of daily essentials were mostly single mothers, female headed households, families with differently abled children, agricultural workers on a minimum wage, construction workers on minimum wage, transport workers on daily wage and casual laborers. All of them had 2 or more children. As PEaCE had already conducted medical camps and clinics in the selected areas, the locations had already been identified as poverty pockets within the Colombo district. 140 families in Kaldemulla and Angulana in Colombo south received daily essentials. The relief packs contained basic dry rations such as rice, lentils, soya meat, noodles, cooking salt, chick peas, wheat flour, curry powder, onion, potato, green gram, baby soap, bathing bar and detergent soap.

Despite the challenges of obtaining permission from law enforcement agencies for the distribution, arranging suitable transportation during a time of limited transportation and risking movement within a heavily populated urban area with a risk of infection, ECPAT Sri Lanka-PEaCE staff were able to meet and fulfill the needs of a community in need. The distributions were made at the Kaldemulla Community Hall and at the St. Matthias Church in Angulana. The project was made possible through kind grants allocated to PEaCE by GlobalGiving and White Bird.