Online Speech Contest for Children from ECPAT Sri Lanka

Would you like to show-off your oratory skills?

Here’s an opportunity to Give Voice to Your Thoughts!

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced everyone to cope with major changes in everyday life. ECPAT Sri Lanka offers opportunities for the children who are forced to maintain physical distancing and home confinement. A successful art competition was conducted which attracted thousands of children from various parts of the country. All the winners were awarded with cash prizes.

Now ECPAT Sri Lanka is organizing an oratory competition and invites children aged 8-16 years to participate. The competition is an opportunity for children to develop and showcase their oratory skills, plus win valuable cash prizes. This also promotes confidence, critical thinking and cultural  understanding during the time of lockdown and self-isolation. The themes for the speech contests are given below according to the age groups. Speeches can be presented in either Sinhalese or Tamil language. The speech is delivered from memory.

Contestants are encouraged to do their own research in preparing their speeches and bring them to life through a clear and concise one-minute video clip. The speech must be filmed in one clear take. The recorded one-minute speech must be sent to ECPAT Sri Lanka through WhatsApp, Viber or Email by 15th June 2020.

It’s easy to enter!

What you need to do:

  • Read and understand the given topic. You are encouraged to do research on COVID-19 and prepare your speech.
  • Pick out the key points you wish to focus on, in your speech.
  • Prepare the speech in either Sinhalese or Tamil.
  • Practice, and then practice more to bring your speech to life with the use of effective words and gestures.
  • Make sure to limit your speech to one minute.
  • Save your speech into a one-minute video clip.
  • Send the video clip to ECPAT Sri Lanka through WhatsApp, Viber or Email, by 15th June 2020.
  • WhatsApp and Viber (Sinhalese) – 070 454 0221
  • WhatsApp and Viber (Tamil) – 071 295 0615
  • Email –

*No other means of entries will be accepted.

Who is eligible to participate?

Children in the following age categories and their titles:

1st category 08 – 10 Years – Is the Corona period happy or sad, why?
2nd category 11 – 13 Years – Life with Corona is new
3rd category 14 – 16 Years – COVID – 19: A Challenge or an Opportunity

Cash Prizes:

Cash prizes of Rs. 10,000, 7,500 and 5,000 will be awarded respectively to the first, second and third prize winners in each category.


  1. Open to all children within the specified age groups.
  2. Each entry must be the work of the stated individual.
  3. A contestant is only allowed to submit one entry.
  4. The contestant must have his/her parent’s permission to enter the
  5. Entries must be received by midnight 15th June 2020.
  6. Contestants must submit a video performing the stated speech filmed in
    one clear take (however, participants may practice their video several times).
  7. Videos that have parts edited together will not be accepted.
  8. The length of the video should not exceed one minute.
  9. Contestants must be dressed appropriately (no short skirts, cut-off shorts, etc.)
  10. Only WhatsApp, Viber and email entries will be accepted and entries sent
    via other methods will be rejected.
  11. No telephone calls pertaining to the contest will be entertained before or
    after the competition.
  12. The speech must be made in either Sinhalese or Tamil.
  13. Participants must include a short introduction to themselves in the video
    clip. This must include: first name, grade, and school.
  14. Details of the competitor: Name, date of birth, school, address and contact number should be sent together with the video.
  15. The judges’ decision will be final.

Judging Criteria:

  • Points presented in the speech and their connectivity with the theme.
  • Clarity and volume.
  • Pronunciation and tones.
  • Dramatization of the speech.
  • Rhythm and pace.
  • Eye contact (speaking into the camera).
  • Overall presentation.
  • Clear self-introduction, which includes first name, age and school.

Winners will be selected by an independent panel of judges. Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Winners will be announced by 06 July 2020 on the ECPAT Sri Lanka Facebook page. Videos of the winning speeches together with details of the winners will be published on the ECPAT Sri Lanka Facebook page and website.

Online Speech Competition Rules


Online Speech Competition Rules