Protecting Environment and Children Everywhere
(PEaCE/ECPAT Sri Lanka)

Job Description – Legal Support Officer


PEaCE (Protecting Environment and Children Everywhere) ECPAT Sri Lanka ( is an NGO working exclusively to combat child sexual exploitation and abuse. It began in 1991 as part of ECPAT International and has been dedicated to this cause for over 30 years. It provides a range of activities, including awareness programmes, training, advocacy, research, legal aid and counselling services. It has recently secured a two-year grant to support the child victims/survivors of violence in Sri Lanka. PEaCE aims to protect and promote the rights of the child and create an environment in which the safety and security of every child are assured.

Position Summary

The Legal Support Officer is responsible for providing legal support to victims of violence against children. This includes legally representing the victims, referring them to the state child protection authorities and law enforcement agencies, and providing medical care to the survivors. The Legal Support Officer will also be required to provide advice and guidance to clients and other stakeholders on legal issues surrounding violence against children.

Key Responsibilities

• Legally represent victims of violence against children in local police stations, Bureau for the Prevention of Abuse of Children and Women (CWB), National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) or/and other legal proceedings
• Refer victims of violence against children to the NCPA, CWB and other relevant law enforcement agencies
• Facilitate the victims to receive proper medical care
• Advise and guide families and other stakeholders on legal issues surrounding the victims/survivors
• Monitor and evaluate legal proceedings and outcomes of the cases initiated by the organisation.
• Keep up to date with changes in the law and regulations related to violence against children.
• Liaise with external legal professionals and other stakeholders to effectively represent victims.
• Prepare legal documents and provide legal advice to the families and PEaCE.
• Maintain detailed records of all legal proceedings and cases.
• Develop and implement legal strategies to assist victims of violence against children.

• Prepare comprehensive special reports on high-profile incidents of violence against children to submit to UNICEF in addition to regular reports.


  • A bachelor’s degree in law or a related field. Holding certifications and having specialised training in child protection law and procedures is an advantage.
  • Having relevant experience in the field of child protection is preferred.
  • Having strong written and verbal communication skills is essential for the candidate to be
    able to effectively interact with colleagues, victims/survivors and external agencies.
  • Must possess excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to collaborate effectively
    with colleagues and external agencies, as well as to establish and maintain strong
    relationships with stakeholders.
  • Employees must adhere to strict ethical standards, including maintaining confidentiality,
    avoiding conflicts of interest and acting with integrity.
  • Must be able to work well under pressure and handle high-stress situations.


As laws and procedures related to child protection are constantly evolving, the Legal Support
Officers must be committed to ongoing professional development and staying up to date with
changes in the field.

At PEaCE, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for all employees,
celebrating diversity and providing equal opportunity for everyone.

Released on May 15, 2023

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