Medical Programmes for Underprivileged Communities

Medical Programmes for Underprivileged Communities

In Partnership with Shiroi Tori (White Bird – Japan)

Sri Lanka, The Pearl of the Indian Ocean is an island lying southeast of India. The island is often prone to disastrous natural weather hazards such as floods and landslides, endangering many lives and leaving people homeless as a result of rainfall being influenced by monsoonal changes.

Since 1999, one of our longstanding partnerships has been with Shiroi-Tori (White Bird), Japan who helped PEaCE impact hundreds of city-slum residents and coastal communities, from high-risk and vulnerable areas with minimum access to basic amenities like hospital care.

It has been a great honor to have worked with the sole donor of this project, Mr Minoru Okada, whose support has enabled PEaCE to continue to retain the project, thereby touching hundreds of lives. We also appreciate Dr. Masako Matsuyama the Coordinator, who supported us to ensure that Mr Okada’s wishes were fulfilled.

Reaching our 20th Year in partnership with White Bird and their gracious funding and support, PEaCE has been facilitated to conduct a wide range of activities such as:

  • Totally free medical programs, educational support, vocational training, leadership training etc. amongst other situational relief aid programs.
  • Focusing on helping those living in geographically vulnerable areas, we currently conduct medical programs for the marginalized communities under impoverished conditions, rampant unemployment and drug addiction.
  • Conducting monthly medical clinics for the underprivileged and vulnerable communities in Angulana, Kaldemulla, Badowita, Mattakkuliya and Atthidiya. These can be primarily categorized into Regular and Special medical clinics. The Special medical clinics are exclusively carried out in Badowita and Mattakkuliya. Around 60 patients benefit in each clinic. In addition, 3 to 4 medical camps are conducted annually in remote rural areas at times of natural disasters or based on the need of the community. 250 to 300 patients are targeted in every medical camp.
  • In 2017, Sri Lanka was challenged by extreme natural hazards. The collapse of the Meethotamulla garbage dump endangered many lives. In response to these disasters, PEaCE conducted Special medial camps in the Meethotamulla area where the affected residents received special medical services to overcome health issues. Likewise, two locations in Ratnapura and Katuwana were selected to carry out special medical camps for those affected by torrential floods.

People who have received medical assistance for a prolonged time continue to rely on the support of PEaCE for their medical requirements. White Bird Japan has been one of the longstanding allies of PEaCE in serving marginalized individuals and communities. It is both our honor and pride to say that such faithful alliances are crucial in fostering organizational growth.