Awareness Program On Sexual Exploitation Of Children – Polonnaruwa

Awareness Program On Sexual Exploitation Of Children – Polonnaruwa

The awareness program for the District Children’s Council members in Polonnaruwa took place on the 26th at the Polonnaruwa District Secretariat Office. 100 participants benefited from the session which focused on Ending Sexual Exploitation of Children Online.
The session primarily focused on the aspects of online discrimination, child abuse and child protection methods.

One thought on “Awareness Program On Sexual Exploitation Of Children – Polonnaruwa”

  1. Sandra De Silva says:

    I am a psychology counsellor with many years of experience with child related issues which include child sexual abuse. It is true mostly children are abused through face book , Instagram, and phones. Without knowing much about how these platforms work. Children between the age of 7 to 18 years medal with them to overcome their stress. Challenging rat race of the current education systems, domestic violence, poverty and personal issues are the main cause for children to seek release out of such media and invitations form child abusers. Conducting programs of this nature in rural areas is very essential because they are the most vulnerable to get caught to sexual abuses due to being ignorant.

    I think its time parents should be educated about the current issues and make them keep close eye on children affairs.


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