About PEaCE

Protecting Environment and Children Everywhere (PEaCE) is a well-established child protection non-governmental organization (NGO) that has been operating since 1991. It is the only NGO in Sri Lanka that focuses mainly on the sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

PEaCE – started as part of the campaign to End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism (ECPAT), now known as ECPAT International. As one of the founding members, PEaCE has the honour of being a core member of this international network that works to ending the sexual exploitation of children. Therefore, we also have the alternative name –ECPAT Sri Lanka.

Our Vision
Our Vision
To create a society that protects and promotes the rights of every child and form an environment in which the safety and security of every child is assured.
Our Mission
Our Mission
PEaCE actively contributes, primarily, to the elimination of sexual exploitation of children and strives to promote the protection of children from all forms of abuse and exploitation.
Our Values
Our Values
Adhere to the principles of Rights of the Child, which is at the centre of our concern irrespective of creed, religion and gender.
We Listen
A sensitive approach is crucial when talking to children who have been exploited and abused sexually. It is best to allow them to tell their story and show our empathy. We become the audience that listens to their experiences of pain, hurt and emotional changes.
We Care
Survivors of abuse and sexual exploitation are often hesitant to socialize with others. They may feel that the trauma they have endured is too sensitive for the public to understand. We try to understand and help them overcome their social phobia and assist them in getting back to society and rebuilding their lives while slowly infusing a sense of confidence in themselves.
We Help
Help is provided through our awareness programs for communities, officials and children themselves. We provide counselling, financial assistance for survivors and contribute for the revival of their lives.

Our Service

PEaCE provides a number of services for the various stakeholders involved in child protection. These stakeholders include children, parents, teachers, principals, district children’s councils, youth, community members, law enforcement agencies, government child protection agencies, other government institutions, the legal sector, the travel and tourism sector, the IT sector, the non-profit sector and more. Our services include the following:

  • Creating awareness on the rights of the child, child abuse, child sexual exploitation, sexual exploitation in travel and tourism, online sexual exploitation of children, child marriage, laws against child abuse, reporting child abuse, child safety and more. This also includes awareness raising programs done on the request of various stakeholders.
  • Training on the rights of the child, child abuse, child sexual exploitation, sexual exploitation in travel and tourism, online sexual exploitation of children, investigation of child crimes, verification of victims, reporting child abuse, the laws against child abuse and adapting them for online crimes, and more.
  • Train the Trainer programs for the various stakeholders on the above-mentioned areas.
  • Organization of pocket meetings (impromptu stand-up meetings) in villages, towns, cities and child sexual abuse hotspots.
  • Collaboration with the law enforcement authorities to timely reporting and investigation of incidents of child sexual abuse and exploitation and to provide assistance for the survivors of the incidents.
  • Legal aid for survivors of child sexual abuse and exploitation and legal counsel for their families.
  • Legal representation of survivors of child sexual abuse and exploitation in courts, by experienced
  • Organizing public awareness campaigns such as street walks, forum theatre, races, street dramas etc.
  • Organization of specialized large scale programs to increase awareness and share knowledge, such as national consultations and national-level focus groups
  • Collaboration and formation of support groups among non-profits and/or non-governmental organizations with similar duties and interests.
  • Providing medical aid and educational support in areas rife with child abuse, so as to improve the living conditions of families and hence protect the children living there.
  • Strengthening community-based child protection mechanisms that ensure a swift response from the community to any criminal threats to children.
  • Organization of meetings, consultations and conferences with relevant industry personnel in order to prevent child sexual exploitation in travel and tourism and online crimes.