A snapshot of programs conducted in July 2020

A snapshot of programs conducted in July 2020

PEaCE – ECPAT Sri Lanka reached 294 important stakeholders in July through training and awareness programs on sexual abuse and exploitation of children, particularly sexual abuse and exploitation of children online and sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism.

PEaCE– ECPAT Sri Lanka-conducted an awareness program on Child Abuse, Sexual Abuseand Exploitation of Children for 110 community leaders on 2 July 2020.Participants included doctors, nurses, police officers, officers from the ZonalEducation Office, child protection officers of the National Child ProtectionAuthority (NCPA) and representatives of civil society organizations. Theparticipants were all members of the Child Protection Committee of theHambantota district. The program was conducted at the Hambantota DistrictSecretariat.

PEaCE – ECPAT SriLanka conducted a training program on Sexual Exploitation of Children in Traveland Tourism (SECTT) and Sexual Exploitation of Children Online (SECO) for 22Village Child Development Committee (VCDC) members on 3 July 2020 at theDistrict Secretariat, Hambantota.

A training program on Child Sexual Exploitation was conducted for 39 Village Child Development Committee members. The program was held at the Karaitivu Divisional Secretariat in the Ampara District on 16 July 2020

Atraining program was conducted for 30 participants including Child Protection Officersof the National Child Protection Authority, Early Childhood Development Officers,Child Rights Promotion Officers of the Department of Probation and Child CareServices and Counselling Teachers. The components of the training includedrights of the child, sexual abuse and exploitation of children, particularlythe sexual exploitation of children online and sexual exploitation of childrenin travel and tourism. The training took place at the District Secretariat inAmpara on 16 and 17 July. It was organised in collaboration with the ChildProtection Officer of Ampara.

Basedon action plans prepared during the training, the participants will utilise theknowledge gathered to follow up on their own with trainings and awarenesssessions for identified groups within their beneficiary segments. Theparticipants are due to meet once again with the PEaCE team in three months fora review on the trainings and awareness programs conducted by them.

Anawareness raising program on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation was held for 43 parents from the Ampara district at theAkkaraipattu Divisional Secretariat office on 17 July 2020. It was anopportunity for the community to learn about the importance of child protectionand be better informed on the available mechanisms for making complaints whenincidents of abuse occur.

Becauseyouth can make a difference: A training was conducted for 25members of the National Youth Services Council (NYSC) in the Nuwara Eliyadistrict last weekend. The program which was on Child Sexual Abuse andExploitation in Sri Lanka was held on 24th and 25th July 2020.

Youth are a keyelement in the fight against child sexual abuse and exploitation. PEaCE – ECPATSri Lanka conducted a training program for 25 youthleaders of the National Youth Services Council. The topic was ‘Ending ChildExploitation and Abuse’. The training took place at the Nuwara EliyaCooperative Training Center on 24th and 25th July 2020.

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